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  • Mature Masculine Personal Responsibility
    26/10/2017 - Kevin Campbell 0 Comments
    Personal Responsibility

    I wanted to write about the recent cases of sexual assaults that have come to light in the recent weeks. This behaviour is unfortunately not a new thing. What is new though is the amount of men coming forth and joining the many women in the campaign of awareness and of holding other men accountable.

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  • mature masculine authenticity
    12/09/2017 - Kevin Campbell 0 Comments
    Being and Doing

    Hello everyone. I have been away from my blog for a over a month. I have been going through some changes and self introspection to better anchor myself in my mature masculinity. This is never easy, it forces me into uncomfortable places, questioning my beliefs, behaviours, and sense of self.

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  • mature masculine authenticity
    08/08/2017 - Kevin Campbell 0 Comments
    What does it mean to be Authentic

    In the past blogs I have spoken about Authenticity, being connected to it and finding power through it. But what is this exactly? In many self help books, blogs, videos and articles, authenticity is emphasized and lauded, but rarely explained. Simply put authenticity is when one acts out of their true desire separate from other’s expectations.

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  • Mature Masculine Shame
    18/07/2017 - Kevin Campbell 0 Comments
    Men and Emotions: Shame

    The other emotion that many men experience and carry with them is shame. There are 2 forms of shame, the unhealthy and the healthy. Unhealthy shame can be crippling, consuming and pervasive in a man’s life and often holds him back from doing the things that he wants to do and being the man he wants to be.

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  • Mature Masculine Anger
    04/07/2017 - Kevin Campbell 0 Comments
    Men and Emotions: Anger

    Emotions are perceived in western culture as irrational, disruptive, childish, irresponsible and uncomfortable. They occur when a person is overwhelmed, not themselves, not in their right mind and not behaving like an adult. To be a successful man in society one is to control their emotions, not let them out, and think things through rationally.

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  • Mature Masculine
    27/06/2017 - Kevin Campbell 0 Comments
    The Path of the Mature Masculine

    To walk the path of the Mature Masculine takes most of all responsibility, or the ability to respond. From the previous blog you can see that the influences of our lives can create our sense of identity, they can also create go to behaviours that if left unexamined can create unwanted and unhealthy situations.

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  • Mature Masculinity
    20/06/2017 - Kevin Campbell 0 Comments
    Transitioning into the Mature Masculine

    In the last blog we looked at the two most common personas of the masculine. The Macho and Nice guy. These two are not the Mature Masculine, rather are its immature relatives. For many men the stage of adolescents becomes the end point of Masculine identity. This teenage mindset defines men’s actions, goals, relationships and quality of life. It is for many the go to in understanding how men work, how they think and feel, and who they are. It has become socially acceptable and encouraged. But who wants to live at a stunted stage of maturity, with so much unfulfilled and so little explored.

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  • Mature Masculinity
    31/05/2017 - Kevin Campbell 0 Comments
    Mature Masculinity, an Introduction

    I am beginning this blog with a topic that I am very passionate about and feel is so important and yet so misunderstood. The Mature Masculine Man. Doing research on this topic I have found few books and even fewer men who understand what this is and the gravity of its importance. 

    So what is it?

    Mature Masculinity is the healthy expression of manhood.

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