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Being and Doing

Hello everyone. I have been away from my blog for a over a month. I have been going through some changes and self introspection to better anchor myself in my mature masculinity. This is never easy, it forces me into uncomfortable places, questioning my beliefs, behaviours, and sense of self.

The past few weeks have brought the idea of Being and Doing to the for of my life. This concept speaks of a the interplay between a man’s actions and his identity. Actions are powerful displays of our desires, beliefs and values. They directly impact on our lives and those around us with tangible and measurable results. Actions can bring both benefit and harm and depending on the result, are often used to judge another man’s character and identity. We ourselves can easily fall into the trap of recognizing ourselves solely in our actions, forgetting about our Being in our Doing.

In our daily lives, we preform actions constantly. Some are thought out and meaningful and others on autopilot. These actions are done for a number of reasons, and we tend to get lost in the actions of the day. Day by day, month by month, year by year. A man can become lost in his routine, losing himself in the process. This is Doing by Doing, not Doing by Being. Being in Doing involves the allowing of the self to be fully present in ones actions. Being is allowing yourself to come out and be seen. Being is recognizing the values you hold dear and placing yourself within them. Being is living life your way, your unique and invaluable way. It is a state of reflection and allowing, that does not fall back on auto pilot or mind numbing routines, but is rooted in authenticity and acceptance. The Mature Masculine Man, recognizes the balance of Being and Doing. He allows the two to flow together, the result having his actions as a true representation of himself. He is more than just his Doing. Whatever decisions a man makes before he acts, before he does, he needs to ask himself, am I Being in this Doing? What do I bring to my actions? How am I showing up in them? How much of me is in my doing?

Being in Doing is a conscious choice that a man must make. This does not come automatically. As a man acts more from his Being he becomes used to it and it becomes easier to fall into. How are you Being in your Doing? Please feel free to comment and share. Thank you


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