Mature Masculine Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

I wanted to write about the recent cases of sexual assaults that have come to light in the recent weeks. This behaviour is unfortunately not a new thing. What is new though is the amount of men coming forth and joining the many women in the campaign of awareness and of holding other men accountable.

I recently watched a video of Joe Biden calling out other men for a lack of courage to speak, to act and to hold other men accountable who abuse their power. There is also an interview with Quentin Tarantino, where he admits of knowing more than just the rumours of Harvey Weinstein and having his girlfriend being a victim of the abuse. He chose not to act due to the risk of his profession, but now is coming forward and exposing the culture of Hollywood and in so doing holding other men accountable in the industry.

We as men are free to explore this life, free to make mistakes and free to learn from them. We are also free to define ourselves anyway that we wish. What though is the point of freedom when a person is not able to freely express it. If a man takes away the freedom of choice from a women or another man by coercion, abuse and violence he is also taking away his freedom by justifying that behaviour and allowing it to happen to himself. By not condoning the behaviour it has a place to grow, to be justified and used by anyone on anyone. The abuser then becomes the abused.

The Mature Masculine Man lives with a strong sense of personal responsibility to the safety, security and freedom of himself, his loved ones and those in his society. By having that responsibility he demonstrates to others a behaviour that can be emulated, respected, looked up to and followed. By doing so he holds others accountable for their actions, recognizing we are all human and sometimes do fall, and its our responsibility to get up and show the kind of man we are and can be.

What does this look like? A respect for women and men. Seeing others as human, worth love and compassion. This is not always an easy thing and at times our judgements blur the lines of respect and disregard. As Mature Men what we can do is trust our own values, use a compassionate lens, and then decide. Growing through love and respect, not abuse and neglect.


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